Saturday, May 14, 2011

Soil Centipede Attacking Wireworms


You mentioned that the orange soil centipede is a predator and might be eating the wireworms, since they are all hanging out in the same corner of my garden.  This week I pulled one of the carrot decoys up and found not only a wireworm, but an orange soil centipede going after the wireworm:

Between the centipedes and me killing the wireworms in the carrots, I don't seem to have hardly any wireworms left in the garden now.  Pretty cool!  I'll probably keep the carrot decoys around the garden throughout the growing season and see what happens with the populations.



  1. That is so freaking cool! Did you watch it eat it? Or at least catch it? Too bad you didn't have the GoPro out there, so you could set the action to Ride of the Valkyries.

  2. Honestly I didn't stick around for the full-on predation, as I'm sure you would have done. Next time I will be sure to grab the GoPro and make a nature video for ya. Interesting how you already know which theme music to play . . .